Mellom himmel og hav

Here are some photos I took from Mellom himmel og hav, International performance festival, Herdla, Askøy; Norway, August 2008. The festival took place on a ex-military base from WWII, home to a German airbase, and while this was evident in some of the performances, it was difficult to find a connection to the historical context in others.

Mothership (my title!) Baby ship
Pedro Gomez Egana (Colombia)

woman with fish 01 Woman with fish 02
Melati Suryodarmo

Man and tree 02 Man and tree 01
Boris Nieslony

Callbird 01 callbird 04 Callbird 02
Roi Vaara

The last photo in this series is an antenna I spotted during the festival. I am investigating the aesthetics of transmitters and receivers that increasingly pop up in the environment, as well as those that have become redundant.

Herlda, Askøy

This activity is related to my current work-in-progress, the Electromagnetic Fountain – a portable fountain that dances to the “sound” of electromagnetic waves detected in its near vicinity.
You can find my project/process blog HERE.


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  1. ajsteggell Says:

    Read what Trine in Ellen’s group had to say about the festival:

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