Freemind is an open source, cross platform, mind mapping software that I often use to keep track of various aspects of my projects; from practical information such as contacts, budgets and deadlines, to brain storming ideas, as well as storing literary references that I may need to use in text work (such as project descriptions, catalog texts, grant applications, etc, etc.)

As you add elements to your map, branches grow out from the centre, much like a tree. Each branch can be expanded – or contracted to reveal only the part of your project that you wish to pay attention to at any given time.

To give you a bit of an idea, here’s a snapshot of one of my projects, showing the main branches:

And here is the same project with just some of the branches expanded:

You will see that I keep all the organisational aspects of my project on the left hand side of the centre, with finance information at the bottom. The project development and artistic practice I keep on the right hand side, with information I may need for written work, and to plan for presentations on the bottom right!


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