Bernie Lubell

Of particular interest to Karen and Janna:

Bernie Lubell is an artist living in San Francisco, CA.

I make interactive installations that focus on the intersection of science and the arts — but my work is adamantly low -tech. These installations use no computers or video or motors and are entirely powered by visitors to the show.
(read more of his artist statement here)

Lubell 01

(Photo: Per Platou)

This picture is of me at Lubell’s exhibition at the Pasadena Art Gallery, LA, May 2008, cranking myself into one of his works. It’s very noisy inside the coffin, with sounds generated by the springs you can see in the photo, as well as other parts of his exhibition. Once you’ve had enough of being inside, you can simply crank yourself back to the world of the living! The man on the right is media archaeologist, Erkki Huhtamo, and curator of the exhibition. Google him. It’s worth it!

P1020577 P1020575

P1020562 P1020555

P1020578 P1020576 P1020580

Bernie Lubell’s website
The Etiology of Innocence. (Streaming video). Bernie Lubell speaks at the UCLA Graduate Lecture Series — March 3, 2008.


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