Things that i like and some thoughts on sound.



I saw that Mattias enhanced our webpage with his inputs and thought that I would do the same.  First off: It was very regreatfull that my pice “ The Final Countdown” is not going to bee shown at Ekko. But as I said I hope to present this work to you at another point in time. 

To day I spent an hour talking to Amanda about my MA project and I was really happy to get such great and constructive feedback. It is difficult sometimes to describe your thought on a project and that is why using your “Hovedveileder” is so important. 

Well, I sust wanted to share what Ken Ikeda wrote in the sleeve of his “Mist on the window”:


There are moments in your life when something changes as you hear and become aware of the sounds around you. Why do the sounds that cups and chairs make feel so distant? It seems that ‘I’ as an existence won’t be forgiven for being my ordinary self. The meaningless noise that reverberates in the living room opens up the possibility of connecting beyond the horizon… Then, I become alone and say goodbye to the ‘Me that was pretending to be like me’.

By assimilating these everyday sounds I get away from the everyday me and get closer, little by little, to the universe of ‘eternity and nothingness’. At this point – meaning the moment I change – I enter a personal time and space which could never be shared with others.

During the 2 years spent on this project I used an instrument made with rubber bands and nails to document my daily involvement with sounds. There exist various faces of ‘me’ and through the process of recording I became aware of the concept of ‘beyond the window’ and got lost in this vague daily space.

What could you see beyond the window? The whole universe and at the same time the usual me living my daily, ordinary life.


Amanda this is what I was trying to say…………



Things I like:


2 Responses to “Things that i like and some thoughts on sound.”

  1. ajsteggell Says:

    Thank you, Richardo.

    Re: “Mist on the Window”
    Its so great to meet a text which describes your thoughts better than you could do yourself. It is like entering a vast, collective memory bank.

  2. a1029 Says:

    I actually feel enhanced : )

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