Test pilots?


One of the speakers at Music Technology Days was a representative from a Norwegian company who are breaking through in the area of software for sound production, namely something called energyXT2.

The blurb:

“Create music today, rather than tomorrow…
With features such as no loading-time, all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer, drum machine track, high quality time-stretching/pitch-shifting, REX2 and VST plugin support…you just can’t go wrong with energyXT2.”
(from the website)

The image:



For those of you who may be familiar with working with sound software, it is not unlike cubase – but has much less features, and is designed for people who are not necessarily sound enginneers! He stated that it was designed so that anybody could get to grips with it, and its alot cheaper too. The software can be run from a USB stick, which means you can take your projects and work on them on any computer – it also cross platform.

As the company is just taking off, and the software relatively new, it is looking for groups of test pilots who get it for free (on USB stick) with the understanding that they provide feedback to the company about how it is to use. I have written a mail to him to sugget that we can form a test group here at the Academy, and that it would be a good idea to involve those who are more experienced in working with sound software, as well as those who are inexperienced.

If you are interested in becoming a test pilot, please put your hand in the air in a comment below.


14 Responses to “Test pilots?”

  1. richardo78 Says:

    Yes I want to check it out.

  2. a1029 Says:

    Richardo!!!! wtf!!! I gave it to you on a Computer music magazine CD ca 6 months ago and you didn´t even bother to check it out!!!!
    No wonder I have said Farewell to Sound……..

  3. ajsteggell Says:

    So I take it that your hand is not raised, a1029.

  4. a1029 Says:

    And it might be good to go wider with that request since the amount of sound people in our group are quite small…… ( an email to all the students perhaps!?)

  5. a1029 Says:

    That is correct I have already checked it out…. and still have a copy on my HD…

  6. ajsteggell Says:

    🙂 you are right in saying that the suggestion should go out to more folks. It is just an intuitive thing, to mail out to those I have most contact with first. I am still trying to become familiar with the khib web.

  7. a1029 Says:

    understandable, the KHIB web is some what of a hurdle to get to grips with, you might even compare it to Lawrence Malstaf´s re configuring labyrinth……

  8. ajsteggell Says:

    “When you enter a labyrinth, you go into a process. There is a connection (sammenheng) between feelings (følelser) and the path you choose to walk (og den veinen du gå).”

    This is a statement (badly, and perhaps impossibly, translated from Norwegian) from Runar Hodne, a friend and a theatre director. He proclaimed it somewhat nervously, over the PA system while dressed in a burkha, and following a caravan of dancing folks led by a cut up, life sized plywood camel when we performed the Digital Mosque at Hyperstate 3 at Oslo Spectrum in 1997.

    Anyway, I am enjoying the late night conversations …..

  9. a1029 Says:

    hmm and instantly I start to think about labyrinth based sequencers ……. basically you would give it certain mood parameters that would decide what “way” it would take when presented with an option…….
    And the mood would be set by user input in different forms, for instance the amount of people, where in the space people are standing….. the seq. could for instance be “shy” for some reason and lets say that there would be a cluster of people on the right side of the space…….. an emotional sequencer trapped in a labyrinth……hmmmm lets see if that idea feels just as good tomorrow….
    Yes, late night conversations are a favorite of mine to!!

  10. in8grid Says:

    I might be interested in test piloting , from beginners point of view, that is. Sure you don`t need some kind of experience to be a good test pilot?

  11. ajsteggell Says:

    I have proposed a group of “mixed abilities” inc. a couple of staff, the rest students. (At some point in your work, you will probably have to deal with sound production, even if as documentation.) So if you are still inclined, and are prepared to answer some questions, go for it!

    ps. 5 people have already said “yes”, so there are 10 places left.

  12. ajsteggell Says:

    The Test Pilot List is complete!

  13. in8grid Says:

    any suggestions regarding devices for recording sound? not too expensive- easy to carry around- outdoor as well as indoor use?
    My only recording device- experience is from working with microphone indoors, recording guitar and vocals etc. I`m looking for something to carry around…

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