The things I like

Sol Lewitt, and especially:

Bill Vorns Life tools, that I use when building self mutating step sequencers ( ask and I will show you):

And for a bit of vj and visualist news :

I also enjoy listening to:

who also makes  art  that I like:

And he´s friends that I also like listening to:




Alva, Olof and Frank together

And of course HC Gilje for all the obvious reasons:

Cycling 74 makes the awesome MAX/MSP/JITTER programing environment that I use for most of the things I make:

Somebody that makes amazing augmented sculptures is:

Pablo Valbuena

Two Artists that I like and find interesting for the way they work with the material is:

Richard Serra:


Tony craig:

Architecture that I like to read about:

Iannis Xenakis (who also is equally interesting as a composer )

And to look at:

This is just some of the things I like and use , But I wonder what Kaia Hugin´s List would look like??



13 Responses to “The things I like”

  1. ajsteggell Says:

    psstt ….. Mattias, I think you will have to contact Kaia directly if you want her to respond (perhaps you have done so already?)

    • a1029 Says:

      Will do, just wanted to see I my idea would spark enough interest for people to check the blog by them self.


  2. anderselsrudhultgreen Says:

    COOL LIST Mattias. If you do not know him, a friend of me Marius Watz. damn, i forgot that you hate colors, but anyway he working with programmed 3D objects that is printed in 3D printer.
    and his blog.

    or what about Andy Huntington:

    • a1029 Says:

      Hate is maybe a bit to strong,
      I have a problem with an excessive use of colour, especially in my own work.

      but yes i am very familiar with Marius work.

  3. anderselsrudhultgreen Says:

    by the way, have you seen Tony craigs sculptures in Bodø, it is in stone. GRANÌTT. a part of sculpture landscape Nordland.

  4. anderselsrudhultgreen Says:

    and RYOJI IKEDA. musican fra J-PAN

    • a1029 Says:

      I am very familiar with Ryoji Ikeda, I especially like his way of titling his tracks, like the matrix album ( the album title is cheesy dough) where he uses binary code:
      0000000100 and so on….

      and the +/- album where he only uses + – . and : to title the tracks.

      And another musician from J-Pan is of course Ryuichi Sakamoto who´s done one of my favorite albums together with Alva Noto: utp_ .

      Big thanks for all the comments Anders.


  5. anderselsrudhultgreen Says:

    Sakamoto has also done a nice collaboration with christiaan fennesz (he played at verftet this autumn, only Fennesz)
    hehe.. Ikeada is ultraminimal anti/post humanisch. other that working but more over in dark romantisism/black metal is the Sci-Fi lost in space ambient black metal band from Swiss that call themself for DARKSPACE, the CDs is even black under where it suposed to be zilver. you might check them out if you like Sci-Fi like 2001 a space…, Solaris, Alien, Event Horizon bla bla bla… (the realy lost in space one.) By the way i have a interview with Carl Michael von Hausswolf that also is on the super label raster-noton.

    • a1029 Says:

      I don’t really like fennesz, not sure why, he just doesen´t do it for me
      but DARKSPACE i will check out, and woulden´t mind having a look at the CM von haussewolf interview.
      And please don´t get me started on the lost in space SF thing…… I have to much to do and is easily distracted by that kind of temptation : )

  6. a1029 Says:

    I like them already!!!!

    Have you heard the German band Squaremeter, dark ambient with some arabic/asian influences ????

    and have you seen the movie Sunshine (dang I couldn´t stay away from the SF ……….. )

  7. anderselsrudhultgreen Says:

    cool that you like them.
    No have not heard about them, i will check them out. sounds interesting.

    Yes, argh. Sunshine is one of my favorite films. I like also 28 days later. it is something in danny boyls sci fi films, something with the atmosphere, and the music, John Murphy. i have used music from 28 days later as refference in a video i made. i can show you.

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