Erik, Therese, Niklas and Kristian will each write a critique following the exhibition trip last Thursday.

Galleri 3.14

  • Oscar Muñoz
    Videoworks 2005-2008
  • Mahlet Ogbe Habte

Bergen Kunsthall

  • Toril Johannessen
    Transcendental Physics
  • Christopher Williams
    For Example: Dix-Huit Leçons Sur La Société Industrielle (Revision 10)

Here are the proposed guidelines for this task;

1. Very first impressions of the exhibition at large, or the singular work you wish to focus on as part of the exhibition.

(How do they appeal to your senses? Shape, form, colour, sound, texture. etc)

2. The media and materials they use to do this.
(Video, sound, text, painting, graphics, textile, etc)

3. Your role – as observer looking in, or as being inside/participating in the work.

4. Whether they primarily communicate via evoking sensations/emotions/gut feelings – or function on a more reflective level.
(Do you have to think about what you experience, or does “meaning” come almost simultaneously in your first meeting with them?)

5. Do you need special knowledge to appreciate and reflect upon the work/exhibition? Is this information provided by the gallery/museum?
What information do the titles of the work provide; what role do they play?

6. How did the exhibition design affect your experience of the artworks?

Please post your critiques up on the KUNZT blog by Friday 29th January 2010!

Do not forget to include the name of the exhibition, the artist(s) and the work(s) you write about. Photos are useful for providing the reader with a visual tool.



One Response to “PRAXIS: CRITIQUE”

  1. Kristian Kristiansen Says:

    What should I have for dinner today
    This was my first thought that struck me at Kunsthallen the first time I was there this year. The exhibitions I’m referring to is “For example: Dix- Huit Lecons Sur La Societe Industrielle (Revision 10)” by Christopher Williams and “Transcendental Physics” by Toril Johannessen.
    “Transcendental Physics” is a three work exhibition in No 5. “3d construction” is the title of the largest one. It’s a huge rectangular box and it’s the biggest object possible to get in the Kunsthallen in one piece. It has marks from the moving into the Kunsthallen. Zølner’s illusion and Agnes Martin’s lines 2 is the title for the next two pieces. They are drawings witch are hanging separately. Several parallel horizontal lines crossed by short vertical lines creating the illusion that the horizontal lines are not parallel.
    “For example: Dix- Huit Lecons Sur La Societe Industrielle (Revision 10)” is in the main hall of the kunsthallen. It is an exhibition containing none the less 20 works. They are photographs of objects and are relativ small. The artist is referring to the commercial industry in the 1900, especially photoindustry and stuff like that. The titles of the work are mostly referring to what you see on the pictures and the exceptions are just called “untitled”.
    So with this summary I will not say anymore. What you see is what you get in this exhibition. There is nothing between the lines here. If there is something between the lines I certantly didn’t get it. The combination of these two artists work was as expected in the Kunsthallen. They don’t work against each other, but they don’t give each other anything either. I thought this exhibiotion was boring and I was constantly thinking of other things that didn’t have anything to do with the exhibition. This may seem abit cross, but it is the truth. Instead of poring out alot of art history referances, I just say what I mean. I’m sure this exhibition was ment to joy the theorist part of the art intitution and it probably did. So if you like boring theoretical art then you will love this exhibition.
    I must apoligise for any bad english formulating sentences, but on the other hand everyone loves a misunderstanding idiot from the village trying to be intellectual:)

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