You are all very welcome to a sneak peek on thursday afternoon as part of the group meeting.

Opening will be at 19:00 thursday.


Tomorrow: The Age of the stupid

A one time showing of this documentary about climate change at Bergen Kino tomorrow. I read about it a while back and thought this is a film I’ve got to see:

The crickets chirped:

“You won’t see a more important film this year“ News of the World

“The first successful dramatisation of climate change to reach the big screen” The Guardian

“Slaps you around the face, then punches you in the stomach“ The Sun

“Fabulously funny, heartwrenching, visually stunning” Art Threat

“Fantastic. Knocks spots off an inconvenient truth“ The Ecologist

Trondheim Matchmaking, 16-18 October 2009

The TEKS (Trondeim Electronic Art Centre) website now works, and the programme for the Trondheim Matchmaking exhibition is announced. The festival carries the slogan “art that cares” (stemming from Electroboutique’s slogan) and “music that bends”.

See: http://www.teks.no/2009/tmm.html for more.

Ultima and Samtidsfestivalen

Right now I am ……

If you are in Olso next week come and see me at the Technical Museum or/and Black Box (check out the links for date/time).

The City is Creative

In two days Michelle Teran will open her installation “The City is Creative” at the Philips Building in Eindhoven.

Check it out!

Michelle’s website

Videos on Youtube


Coming in October:

There’s not much info on the webpage due to a hack, but it will feature the first Nordic Electroboutique which you can check out  here.