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Thinking about the piece Richardo is setting up at the moment, I remembered this project by among others Hans-Christoph Steiner a NY based sound artist that I had the pleasure of meeting last year in Montreal.




Check out Charlie White

(Particularly for Anja, and Kristian)

Charlie White is a Los Angeles photographer, or rather he constructs hyperreal photographs.

IMG: Friday Night by Charlie White (from his website)

“Using a combination of fiction, artifice, and make-believe to represent the human condition, many of White’s photographs explore America’s social fictions and the tensions in identity and perception they generate. White shares a relationship with the directorial forms of photography practised by such artists as Gregory Crewdson and Jeff Wall. Applying cinematic techniques, his set-up photographs are directed and staged narrative stills. This narrative focus can be perceived in his previous photographic series like In a Matter of Days (1999) or Understanding Joshua (2001) which employ a pictorial play between reality and fiction, occasionally taken to grotesque extremes. Understanding Joshua is a series of photos of a puppet meant to represent “complete fragility manifest in a body,” placed in various situations related to human relationships.”
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Charlie White’s website

Charlie White in Wired magazine 12.02