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Look up at the menu on the top of this blog and you will see that I have added a page where I will post all schedule information (Schedule 09-10). It will be updated as things fall in to place.


Why I missed the first group meting


Field: Open source digital art environment……

The technical frontier of digital art is no longer what computers can do, but how we get them to do it.

Field is a development environment for experimental code and digital art in the broadest of possible senses. While there are a great many development environments and digital art tools out there today, this one has been constructed with two key principles in mind:

  • Embrace and extend — rather than make a personal, private and pristine code utopia, Field tries to bridge to as many libraries, programming languages, and ways of doing things as possible. The world doesn’t necessarily need another programming language or serial port library, nor do we have to pick and choose between data-flow systems, graphical user interfaces or purely textual programming — we can have it all in the right environment and we can both leverage the work of others and take control of our own tools and methods.
  • Live code makes anything possible — Field tries to replace as many “features” with editable code as it can. Its programming language of choice is Python — a world class, highly respected and incredibly flexible language. As such, Field is intensely customizable, with the glue between interface objects and data modifiable inside Field itself. Field takes seriously the idea that its user — you — are a programmer / artist doing serious work and that you should be able to reconfigure your tools to suit your domain and style as closely as possible.


Group Meeting

Date: Tuesday 10th February
Place: Galleri 3,14
Time: 11.00

– and we’ll take a look at Farhad Kalantary’s ”Trails of Water Behind a Passing Boat” together.

Then we’ll go to Karen’s office to discuss the exhibition, and have a short round-up session.

If you are attending a workshop or seminar you are excused 🙂

Group meeting – group outing!

25th September 2008
Meet up in Karen’s office, 10.00 am.

The Injury, Anja Carr.

We will then walk out together to visit Anja Carr’s installation at Fincken, before moving on to Galleri Fisk to see work by Karen Skog and Anja Ulset.

BA1 Tutorials

Hallo all BA1s

Here’s the schedule for tutorials with myself and Karen on Tuesday 16th Septmeber

10.00: 6th Floor, Karen’s studio. (evt. moving to your atelier): Maria
11.00: 6th Floor, Karen’s studio. (evt. moving to your atelier): Ingrid
12.00: 6th Floor, Karen’s studio (evt. moving to your atelier): Kristian

Thank you!

Test pilots?


One of the speakers at Music Technology Days was a representative from a Norwegian company who are breaking through in the area of software for sound production, namely something called energyXT2.

The blurb:

“Create music today, rather than tomorrow…
With features such as no loading-time, all-in-one synth, fx and sequencer, drum machine track, high quality time-stretching/pitch-shifting, REX2 and VST plugin support…you just can’t go wrong with energyXT2.”
(from the website)

The image:



For those of you who may be familiar with working with sound software, it is not unlike cubase – but has much less features, and is designed for people who are not necessarily sound enginneers! He stated that it was designed so that anybody could get to grips with it, and its alot cheaper too. The software can be run from a USB stick, which means you can take your projects and work on them on any computer – it also cross platform.

As the company is just taking off, and the software relatively new, it is looking for groups of test pilots who get it for free (on USB stick) with the understanding that they provide feedback to the company about how it is to use. I have written a mail to him to sugget that we can form a test group here at the Academy, and that it would be a good idea to involve those who are more experienced in working with sound software, as well as those who are inexperienced.

If you are interested in becoming a test pilot, please put your hand in the air in a comment below.