My new website

I’ve added a new link – my new website!


For Anders

Hi Anders,

during evaluation rounds it seems that there is a group of people you converse with about music/art. Here are two links that may add to your discussions.

THE KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front):

Merry Prankster:

….. and just for you ….

Museum of Jurasic Technology:

Spring schedule

The spring semester schedule is up on the Schedule 09-10 page.

Check it out!

On Closing a Loop – Disciplinarity and Openness

An interesting article written by Joost Rekveld for the Baltan Laboratories that deals with “notions of (inter-, multi- and trans-)disciplinarity, their limits and possibilities for new approaches”.

MA1 – congratualtions!

Amanda congratulates MA1 students for getting their revised project descriptions finished before the deadline!

Thanks for your hard work and co-operation. Now we can get on with making art:-)

John Coplans

Is the name of the artist I couldn’t remember yesterday when we where talking about Anders work.

This is one of his self portraits:


The things I like

Sol Lewitt, and especially:

Bill Vorns Life tools, that I use when building self mutating step sequencers ( ask and I will show you):

And for a bit of vj and visualist news :

I also enjoy listening to:

who also makes  art  that I like:

And he´s friends that I also like listening to:




Alva, Olof and Frank together

And of course HC Gilje for all the obvious reasons:

Cycling 74 makes the awesome MAX/MSP/JITTER programing environment that I use for most of the things I make:

Somebody that makes amazing augmented sculptures is:

Pablo Valbuena

Two Artists that I like and find interesting for the way they work with the material is:

Richard Serra:


Tony craig:

Architecture that I like to read about:

Iannis Xenakis (who also is equally interesting as a composer )

And to look at:

This is just some of the things I like and use , But I wonder what Kaia Hugin´s List would look like??