Schedule: 09-10


I will be at the academy during the following weeks of the spring semester:

18-22 January
Thursday 21st January

13.00-15.30: Group meeting, evt. outing/exhibition (suggestions?)

25-29 January

1-5 February

(I am away Thursday 4th and Friday 5th)

8-12 February

Thursday 11th Feb
13.00-15.30: Group meeting, BA 2, 3 and MA students. Critique of work, including a preview of Mattias’s exhibition.

Friday 12th Feb
Open day: BA1 we will do a critique of your work during the open day.

(NB: 22nd February: BA project support application deadline)

01-05 March

(Seamless video workshop)
No tutorials!

08-12 March
Thursday 11th: 13-16.00
Group meeting:
outing/exhibition or eventually a mini Untitled: name that art seminar

(NB: 19 March: MATTIAS!!!! deadline MA TEXT)

22-26 March

Thursday 25th: 10-15.00
Group meeting: inverse critique BA1,2,3 and evt. MA 1 and 2

05-09 April
!!!! Mattias !!!!

12-16 April

Friday 16th: MA exhibition opening

03-07 May
Thursday 6th:
Group meeting (whatever is appropriate at this stage)

10-14 May
!!!! Erik !!!!
Wednesday 12th : BA exhibition opening

17-21 May
MA evaluations

24-28 May
BA evaluations

——————————- FINI ——————————–


I will be at the academy during the following weeks of the autumn semester:

39, 40, 41, 42 then 47, 48, 49, 50, 51

Tuesday 25th August 2009
10:00 – 11.00: First group meeting 6th Floor. My place.

Thursday 27th August 2009
14.00 – 14.45: Tutorial Kristine. 6th Floor. Ellen’s studio.

Friday 4th September 2009
Deadline: BA2 Study plan
Sign up for courses.

Tuesday 8th September 2009
13:00 – 15.00: Second group meeting 4th Floor. Lecture room.
Led by Mattias. Intro to our group blog.

Thursday 24th September 2009
11:00 – 12.00: Third group meeting 6th Floor. My place.
Intro to group text. Practical information.

Friday 25th September 2009
11.00 – 12.00: Tutorial Signe. 6th Floor. My place.
12.00 – 13.00: Tutorial Mattias. 6th Floor. My place.

Wednesday 7th October 2009
1o:00 – 12.30: Fourth group meeting 6th Floor. My place.
Niklas leads discussion of the text “An Artist’s Text Book”, Jan Svenungsson
Studio visits to Christian, Audun and Erik.

(more to come!)


2 Responses to “Schedule: 09-10”

  1. Spring schedule « KUNZT Says:

    […] Schedule: 09-10 […]

  2. a1029 Says:

    first a question and then a suggestion?

    ON the 11th of Feb it says eventually MA students, is there anything else going on that day that I don´t know about?

    and also on that day I suggest that i make a presentation of the exhibition that will open at Entrée in the evening.
    Maybe you could meet up at the gallery in the afternoon for a preview and short presentation?

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